5-Day Mini MBA

Why attend this programme?


The GEBS’s Mini MBA enables participants to learn the key levers for success quickly and deeply in only 5 days. 

  • What is driving our company’s strategy? How do we build strategy that delivers stakeholder value consistently in highly competitive environment? 
  • How do I align my divisional or functional strategy so that it contributes consistently to the value creation?
  • How do we balance the short term vs. the long term when things are changing quickly? How do we build organisational agility?
  • What leadership competences are needed to be successful? What are my strengths today and what do I need to change for my development?

Who should attend?

GEBS’s  Mini MBA is the ideal programme for top managers. This includes production engineers, R&D engineers, finance managers, sales executives, marketing specialists, logistics managers, etc. It is also valuable for managers & department heads who need to refresh and develop their business knowledge to support their future.

How will you benefit?

As a result of participating in the GEBS 5-Day Mini MBA programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand how a company really works with a multi-functional overview of a business and key leadership competences necessary for success 
  • Develop strategic thinking, planning and execution skills at a divisional or functional level, using appropriate tools and frameworks 
  • Influence, enable and deliver wider organizational imperatives 
  • Lead and align your stakeholders towards delivering your divisional, functional or organizational strategy with greater clarity and confidence 
  • Make better business decisions and improve your contribution to the business 
  • Speak the language of business and understand how general managers think and act 
  • Be able to read the business environment and translate changes into competitive strategies for sustainable growth 
  • Support strategic goals from top management and be able to translate them for your area and implement them more efficiently 
  • Better implement strategy through the people in your team and different departments with new leadership skills 
  • Network and learn with a diverse group of peers from different functions, industries and countries  


Programme Detalis


During the week, the programme focuses on the following 4 topics and learning:

  • Leadership Development – key competences, building self awareness, leading others and the organization through change. This also includes self profiling, daily reflection and feedback from the facilitators and peers to develop emotional intelligence 
  • Strategy – building a strategy (the changing world and its impact, internal analysis, differentiation etc), and strategy execution (organizational and individual) 
  • Marketing & Sales– knowing the customer (needs and segmentation) and achieving success with the customer (targeting, Customer Value Proposition, sales etc) 
  • Supply Chain – its importance in delivering the Customer Value Proposition


Dates & Locations


5 Day(s)


UAH 15 750